About Us

We in myPassPH have made it our mission to contribute to our society by providing individuals and organizations a safe, effective, and discreet tool to help us live our daily lives until we are one day safe from this pandemic.

As COVID-19 rages around the globe, people movement is restricted to control the spread of the virus. Practically speaking, we are all being asked to avoid face-to-face conversations, daily commuting, working in the office, buying something from a store, and many more activities that are critical to our daily lives.

While staying at home appears to be the best way to ensure our safety, the downside is that it also brings the economy into a screeching halt.

In an attempt to jumpstart the economy, our Government has slowly eased restrictions, allowing the resumption of limited socio-economic activities to give as many people the chance to provide for their families while waiting for that medical breakthrough. Adapting to this “New Normal” as we call it, is as critical to our survival as the vaccine itself.

Stimulating the economy in the time of a pandemic entails lot of responsibility from all of sectors involved. Social distancing, wearing of face masks, logging of contact information, and declaration of health conditions are all examples of the different precautions that we need to get used to. These precautions can be life-saving, but they can also be a huge inconvenience and often lead to marginal results.

myPassPH enables both individuals and organizations to transact in a fast, safe, and convenient manner while making sure that none of these safety protocols are compromised.

myPassPH gives the people the benefits of traceability, without sacrificing personal privacy.

Imagine going to places where you need to be and with just a simple scan of the QR code using the myPassPH mobile app, you’re in! No manual logging of contact details in logbooks or lengthy health declaration forms to fill out. As long as the establishment is a myPassPH partner, you are good to go.

myPassPH can also be used with public transportation like buses, jeepneys, tricycles, UV Express, TNVS, etc. You can simply log your encounters with individuals that also use myPassPH just by scanning their QR code, or vice versa. It’s basically TOUCH and GO.

Sample Applications:

  1. Individual
    • a. Register online and get your myPassPH ID (QR code).
    • b. Download the myPassPH mobile app at Play Store.
    • c. Use the mobile app when visiting myPassPH partner establishments by scanning the establishment’s QR code.
    • d. Some establishments may require “Check In” and “Check Out” when you will be there for a considerable time with other people like offices, restaurant, barber shop, etc. Also a few may require Health Declaration form to be filled out. You will be notified by the app and let you filled out digital form on the app that you can submit by clicking a button.
    • e. Other establishments may only require “Touch” when you will just have brief presence (5 minutes or less) or you will only be exposed to one person like public tricycle which only permitted to one passenger at a time.
    • f. You can also use the mobile app to “Touch” other myPassPH users when you encounter them to log your exposure. Like when you deal with a delivery person or a friend you met on the street. Please note that “Touching” will not share your personal information nor the one you are touching. It will all be logged as anonymous.
  2. Individual with small business
    • a. Do number 1.
    • b. Register your business/resource (up to 1 resource only, like small office, bakeshop, Jeepney, etc.).
    • c. Register your employees/people (up to 5 people only).
    • d. Make assignment (assign people to resource).
    • e. You can use the mobile app to scan myPassPH enabled customers visiting/availing your business/resource.
    • f. Or alternatively you can have your Resource QR code scanned by myPassPH enabled customers upon availing your resource.
    • g. On the myPassPH website, you will have logs for the last 15 days of people visiting/availing your business/resource which you can use for compliance with the authorities
  3. Local Government Units
    • a. Do number 1 and 2 but no limit on the number of resources and people.
    • b. Public offices can be registered as resources together with their employees to monitor and restrict traffic flow of individuals both employees and visitors.
    • c. The system can be used to restrict movements of constituents based on the prevailing condition of the area and also as contact tracing tool.
    • d. Please call or email us for details.
  4. For other businesses/organizations
    • a. Do number 1 and 2 with conditions and other features like customized health declaration and time keeping.
    • b. Please call or email us for details.

No smartphone? No problem. You can register at www.mypassph.com, get your QR code and print it. You can have it scanned by our myPassPH partner establishments when you visit them or by fellow myPassPH users when you meet them.

Behind all these conveniences, the most important feature of myPassPH is the ability to alarm you whenever you had exposure with recently tested positive COVID-19 individuals in the last 15 days based on your visited establishments and individual encounters. In this way, you can isolate yourself and seek medical assistance in advance.

Best part is myPassPH is FREE for individuals, small businesses/organizations (1 resource and up to 5 employees), Local Government Units, and religious organizations. For businesses/organizations with more than one resource and 5 employees, you can contact us at info@mypassph.com.


Data Privacy

myPassPH respects your privacy and is committed to safeguard it. Your personal information will never be shared to anyone except for two occasions.

  1. When you checked in with establishment that requires you to log contact info and/or Health Declaration wherein you will be informed by the app for your consent. You normally do this manually, but with myPassPH, it will be contactless and digital, therefore safe, fast and secured.
  2. When the system detects that you had an exposure with an infected individual then your contact details may be shared with the government authorities.
These are done for proper contact tracing in compliance with Republic Act No. 11332 (the “Mandatory Reporting of Notifiable Diseases and Health Events of Public Health Concern Act”) and in accordance with Republic Act No. 10173 (the “Data Privacy Act”).

Another important feature to note is that your logs spanning more than 15 days old are automatically purged by the system. For more information, you can visit our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.